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It’s true! Connection is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives, but connecting can be challenging during a global pandemic. 

Here are 2 apps that can help. 

1. Remind

Using the Remind app, teachers can send messages however they want: text, web, app or email. The Remind app is intuitive, easy-to-use, compatible with different platforms, safe, and free. It’s the perfect app to get and keep you connected with students, parents, and teachers. 

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2. Empatico 

If we want our students to be empathetic, we have to teach them. Creating an opportunity to see the world through other students’ eyes is a great empathy teaching tool. Empatico is a free platform designed to connect students from around the world and includes activities, lessons and tools. Empatico even matches schedules due to time zone differences! 

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Additional Resources 

For Connecting With Parents:

From Common Sense Media, how to Power Up Your Parent Communication with ideas for proactively communicating with parents.

For Staying Connected: 

Information about “Bite-Size” At-Home Skills, Empathy Hours, Empatico Educators and ways to Keep Students Connected

Continuing Education Courses:

Learners Edge Offers 100+ Self-Paced, Online,
Graduate Credit Continuing Education Courses for Teachers

Explore All Courses Now!

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