The "A" in STEAM - Adding the Arts

collaboration-1.jpgBrain science backs up the important outcomes of arts-integration so why do we struggle to infuse the arts in our content and curriculum? Tune into this informal exploration on why adding in the arts, the "A" in STEAM education, matters so much in every classroom. Your colleagues from the Learners Edge Curriculum & Instruction team will share a conversation about this important, yet often-overlooked, element in instructional planning. These former classroom teachers (and current parents of school-age students) will share examples of how, when, and where the arts have caused learning to sparkle and bubble up to create high engagement and energized learning for all, especially teachers! Join in the conversation and leave with some hints of how you can add the “A” into your STEM Education and infuse more art into any content you teach. This webinar conversation will inspire ideas for why you should and how you could jump in to grab some arts-energy for yourself and all your students!

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