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Tips for Every Teacher to Improve Vocabulary Instruction!

Cute pupils smiling around a globe in classroom with teacher at the elementary school.jpegWords are the building blocks for learning. Reading, writing, speaking, listening – all require vocabulary skills. Students can’t master math or science concepts without the ability to read and comprehend words – volumes of words. Virtually all subjects taught in schools today (from Pre-K to 12th grade) require specific vocabulary knowledge for achievement of any content. Research supports the need for explicit vocabulary instruction, and it also reveals that too many teachers are leaving this important instruction to random word exposure and daily encounters with assigned reading.

Please join us for this webinar presentation about simple systematic vocabulary instruction. Find out why it’s important and what instructional routines you can implement to help your students build bigger vocabularies. This webinar calls out to every educator: math, science, social studies, technology, physical education, art, music teachers – vocabulary instruction is every teacher’s job! Join Barb Istas, a Learners Edge Curriculum and Instruction Specialist and former 6th grade English Language Arts teacher, as she shares her knowledge garnered from research and her 25 years in the classroom!

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