Creating a Trauma Informed Classroom

girl with cat.jpgIn this webinar, you will learn how to care for your students and yourself as you develop trauma-sensitive strategies to meet the needs of all learners. Beginning with brain research, discover the impact trauma has on students’ emotional and academic development. Explore the foundations of a trauma-informed classroom, including an emphasis on relationship-building, student choice, safety, and resiliency.

This webinar will also present a thought-provoking look at the importance of self-care for educators working with students impacted by trauma and provide teachers with ideas to support their own wellness plans. By changing the way we view and react to children’s academic and social problems, we can help our most vulnerable students build the strength they need to find success.

Leave this webinar with a better understanding of trauma, how you can build a strong, resilient classroom community, and the importance of teacher self-care. 

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