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With each continuing education course registration, receive a free subscription to Teaching Channel's library of 1400+ videos for the duration of your session!

What can you do with a Teaching Channel Subscription? 

  • Step into classrooms to watch great teaching in action.

  • Reflect on your own teaching practice as you watch other educators do the same.

  • Enhance and expand on the strategies learned in your Learners Edge course.

  • Gather ideas and inspiration to carry into your own teaching practice.

Teaching Channel subscribers gain access to current, relevant, and impactful videos designed to help teachers feel confident and supported. Teaching Channel works with a diverse group of top educators to produce quality content that models best practices to ultimately impact teaching and learning. When paired with a Learners Edge course, teachers everywhere take control of their professional learning!

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*Complimentary subscription will automatically be added to your cart when checking out online. It is available on graduate-level continuing education courses.




+How do I access my subscription?

After your Learners Edge course registration, you will be able to access your Teaching Channel Subscription from your My Subscriptions page within My Account. 

Find My Subscriptions in the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the screen when you're logged into your account. 

+How long will I have access to Teaching Channel videos?

With any graduate-level continuing education or professional development course purchase, you will receive free Teaching Channel access for the duration of your session.