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Top 10 Courses

We have so many amazing courses... but here are a few favorites!

+Anxiety Awareness: Empowering Students with Help and Hope

Mental health professionals are shining a light on the pervasiveness of anxiety, highlighting the need for increased awareness and attention to this issue. Young people are notably affected: anxiety affects 1 in 5 children, and 70% of teens say that anxiety is a major problem facing their age group.

This course will give educational professionals the tools they need to support students who have anxiety, including foundational knowledge about anxiety, its symptoms, and a look at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Utilizing clips from the documentary, "Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety," participants will complete the course with ready to implement strategies for teaching coping skills, ideas for accommodations, and considerations for tools and processes to support students who have anxiety.

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+Living Your Best Life, Inside & Outside the Classroom
Teaching is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be incredibly hard. In order to be the most effective teachers, we need to bring our best selves into the classroom. When you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, this can be easier said than done.
In Living Your Happiest Life, you will learn how to master your mindset to improve your happiness. This course will help you lead a happier life, both inside and outside the classroom.
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+One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for Your Classroom
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+Refocus & Recharge: Strategies For Finding Balance in Teaching

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+A Moving Body, A Thinking Brain

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+Docs, Slides, and Forms in the Classroom: Your Next Level Google Guide

In this course, you'll go beyond the basic features and functions of Google tools to explore what's possible with G Suite. You'll learn how to take Slides, Sheets, and Forms to the next level with interactive, dynamic elements that incorporate 21st-century skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity. You will learn how to design a digital portfolio template to showcase student growth using the versatile Sites platform. We will also show you how to set up your Google Drive and Chrome browser for maximum efficiency and introduce you to Keep, and lesser-known, but powerful Google tool to organize and track your digital workflow. Advance your skills and knowledge of G Suite with this intermediate-level course.

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+Raise the Bar: Positive Interventions for Students Who Challenge Us

Challenging behavior can certainly get in the way of academic progress, but there is hope! This course gives plenty of techniques and strategies for K-8 teachers to proactively assist students in achieving target behaviors through positive behavior intervention. By deconstructing the functions of the problem behaviors, educations professionals can address the root of a child's issue instead of simply addressing the behavior.

This course gives a solid roadmap for the philosophy behind positive behavior intervention systems (PBIS) while offering several different ways to get you (and your students) to your destination: appropriate behavior that is conducive to a positive learning environment. 

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+Focus on Phonics for Effective Reading, Writing, and Spelling Instruction

Go back to the basics with a fresh focus on phonics. Effective phonics instruction requires specific teaching and learning targets bolstered by understanding reading development and the instructional models used historically. Through a review of reading fundamentals and direct phonics instruction, teachers will learn proven strategies of practice and repetition to support readers struggling with letter and word decoding automaticity. By investigating formative assessments for phonemic awareness and phonics, teachers will activate reading, writing, and spelling tools and teaching strategies with an eye on student engagement for better overall reading comprehension and achievement.

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+Trauma-Sensitive Teaching: Helping Students Overcome Adverse Experiences

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+The Practice and Power of Vulnerability in the Classroom

Whether you are a teacher, leader, or learner, the revolutionary research by Dr. Brene Brown has transformed the way we view vulnerability in our relationships at home, at work, and at school. Learn how to nurture healthy emotions, like trust and courage, while combating shame and fear. Discover fresh ideas for cultivating a classroom community that support all students and expands your understanding of how trauma impacts learning. Consider your process for providing feedback and gain new practices for growing gratitude for a greater sense of well-being.

Teach your students that "vulnerability is not always comfortable, but it is never a weakness," as you explore how vulnerability empowers the way we teach, lead, and learn.

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