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We're here to support you at every step of your teaching journey. From your first year through your career, we hope you find a resource below that helps elevate your professional career and your classroom.
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Top 10 Courses

We have so many amazing courses... but here are a few favorites! 

+Refocus & Recharge: Strategies For Finding Balance in Teaching
5792 Refocus & Recharge- Strategies for Finding Balance in Teaching



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+One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for Your Classroom
5833 One Stop Shop- Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for Your Classroom



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+Mindsets Matter


731 Mindsets Matter


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+ADHD: Focusing, Learning, Teaching


5027 ADHD- Focusing, Learning, Teaching


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+What Great Teachers Do
855 What Great Teachers Do



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+A Moving Body, A Thinking Brain
5853 - A Moving Body, A Thinking Brain

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+Trauma-Sensitive Teaching: Helping Students Overcome Adverse Experiences
5007 - Trauma-Sensitive Teaching- Helping Students Overcome Adverse-Experiences

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+Brain Works: Better Teaching with the Brain in Mind

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505 - Brain Works- Better teaching with the Brain in Mind


+Focus on Phonics for Effective Reading, Writing, and Spelling Instruction

Course 5030: 

5030Go back to the basics with a fresh focus on phonics. Effective phonics instruction requires specific teaching and learning targets bolstered by understanding reading development and the instructional models used historically. Through a review of reading fundamentals and direct phonics instruction, teachers will learn proven strategies of practice and repetition to support readers struggling with letter and word decoding automaticity. By investigating formative assessments for phonemic awareness and phonics, teachers will activate reading, writing, and spelling tools and teaching strategies with an eye on student engagement for better overall reading comprehension and achievement.

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+Five Fabulous Skills for Your Students' Lifelong Success

Course 5041

5041This inspiring course focuses on building the five fabulous skills needed for student success: empathy, integrity, self-control, embracing diversity, and grit! Teach students to reach beyond academics to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes in school and adult life. Teachers will learn how to teach each of these skills and will help students understand the difference between honesty and integrity. Learn how to assess these five student success skills through intentionality, observation and reflection. Participants will also learn how school culture and student relationships affect each of these important skills all designed for academic and social success.

This course is part of a course grouping that can result in a non-degree certificate. Visit our certificate registration page to learn more and register for a specialized certificate!

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First Time Teacher?

Welcome to your FIRST, most amazing year of teaching. Teachers are selfless, patient and ready to make a difference in the classroom and the community, and we are grateful that YOU have joined the ranks!

To help you get started in the classroom, Learners Edge would like to send you a complimentary copy of one of our favorite resources that you can use in your classroom for years to come. When you feel the need for inspiration, reach for some new teacher help in this fantastic book. 

Your First Year, will provide you with a bunch of new tools to help you navigate all the twists and turns of your first year as a teacher.


 *Your First Year is available for new teachers and can only be mailed to US addresses. Thanks for your understanding.

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