Culturally Responsive Teaching for your next Professional Development day.

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Never have your professional development needs been more unique than they are today. The face-to-face PD you had planned may feel impossible, but we have a solution to your challenge. We are here to help you deliver high-quality, online professional development to your educators that can be completed from the comfort of their "virtual" office.

We've broken down the pressing topic of Culturally Responsive Teaching into what your school or district needs. Along with a 10-hour independent study, online course, you will receive a facilitation guide filled with 17 hours of group programming that can be customized to fit the hours you have available in a virtual or face-to-face format - ready to deliver when you are ready. 

As a company founded by educators, we understand the importance of maximizing the value of professional development days. Along with keen focus on making all our learning applicable to the classroom, your educators will be captivated by the joy of learning!


60+ Page Facilitation Guide


10-Hour Online Course

Allow your teachers to dive into independent learning through this 10-hour online course: Culturally Responsive Teaching: Awareness to Action that can lay the groundwork for successful, collaborative interactive sessions.

Accessible Pricing for Budgets of Any Size

Getting started is easy, simply provide us with a list of teachers you would like to enroll, and we'll send course access directly to their inbox. Email and online access to the facilitation guide will be provided so your facilitator can access at their convenience.

We base our pricing on the number of teachers enrolled. Pricing shown offers access for all teachers within tier.


  • Enroll 12 teachers = $629 total
  • Enroll 23 teachers = $629 total
  • Enroll 30 teachers = $749 total
  • Enroll 50 teachers = $879 total
1-24 Teachers 25-49 Teachers 50-74 Teachers 75-99 Teachers 100+ Teachers
$629 $749 $879 $999 $1249

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