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Andrews University partners with Learners Edge by offering online graduate credit courses for teacher recertification and professional development.


National Teacher Accreditation: NCATE/CAEP

Regional Accreditation: HLC-NCA

Continuing education graduate credit is intended to fulfill requirements for license renewal/lane change when the student has obtained proper prior approval.

Degree Eligibility Memo/Memo of Transferability

Sample Transcript

Grades and Transcripts

Learners Edge does not process transcripts. Please allow 10 business days after receiving your Learners Edge course completion email for your registration information and grade to be available at Andrews University. Please note that this email does not indicate your transcript is ready to be ordered.

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Tax Information

The University is required to report all qualified student charges to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This reporting of charges lets students who qualify apply for a tax credit for those charges when filing a 1040 tax form.  To make sure that your charges are accurately reported, Andrews University needs your Social Security Number.

Step 1: Complete Part 1 of the W-9S Tax Form (only once) requesting your taxpayer’s identification number (Social Security Number), address, and certification (Instructions on how to complete the form can be found directly on the W-9S form).

Download W-9S Tax Form

Step 2: Upon Completion of your course(s), Return the completed form to via U.S. Mail or fax to:

CPDC (Center for Professional Development Courses) 
Andrews University 
8903 US31 Griggs Hall B Room 208 
Berrien Springs, MI  49104-0103

Phone:  269-471-3482 

Fax:  269-471-3362

PLEASE NOTE: (1) The W-9S form is only requested once. (2) Do not send the completed W-9s form until you have received your course completion email from Learners Edge. (3) Andrews University is not responsible for the retention of W-9s forms prior to course completion.

Americans with Disabilities Act


Accommodations will be provided for individuals with documented disabilities or special learning needs.  Please contact the instructor for accommodations prior to the beginning of the course.