(RE)Register in Your Course

Re-Enrollment of Learners Edge Courses

Sometimes life gets in the way. If you were unable to complete your course in the session in which you originally registered, you may consider a registration renewal at a reduced price. If Learners Edge still offers the course, and you are within one year from original registration date, you're in luck.

Re-Registration Basics

  • $150 per course registration renewal.
  • Students may only re-register in a course one time. 
  • Re-registration must be processed within ONE year from original registration date.
  • Upon renewal, you will be placed into the new session of your course and complete the course with any revisions and/or updates that may have occurred since original enrollment. 
  • Since re-registrations moves you into a new session of the course, please make sure to save any previously submitted coursework to an alternate location. Previously submitted coursework will not be transferred to the new session. 

Please complete the form on this page to begin your Re-Registration request. 


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