Children in Need - Poverty & Education

Strategies to Help Student Succeed! 

Children in Need - Poverty & Education (recorded December 2017)

Below are the presentation slides. We hope these will help you in your efforts to explore Poverty and Education!

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Neighborhood.jpgIf this topic has sparked an interest in you, or you simply want to learn more, let us suggest a few resources and courses that may be of interest:
Course 5007: Trauma Sensitive Teaching: Helping Students Overcome Adverse Experiences (3 credits)
For students who have experienced trauma** at home, including divorce, loss, illness, or abuse, success in school can feel out of reach. In this course, you will learn how to help your students overcome adverse experiences as you develop trauma-sensitive strategies for your classroom. Beginning with brain research, discover the impact trauma has on students’ emotional and academic development. Explore the foundations of trauma-informed teaching, including an emphasis on relationship-building, student choice, safety, and resiliency.

Course 5032: Empathy & Understanding: The New Tools for Students with Challenging Behaviors (3 Credits)
Ease your fear and frustration when faced with students who are difficult to reach and teach. In this course, featuring Dr. Greene’s book Lost at School, you will find the steps you need for connecting with challenging students. Break free from old mindsets and terminology like “at-risk students," and empower yourself with the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) model that teaches strategies for building and nurturing teacher-student relationships. Learn how to use the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unresolved Problems (ALSUP) inventory to identify the issues in need of attention. Join us on this journey of empathy, problem solving and relationship building!

Course 5041: Five Fabulous Skills for Your Students' Lifelong Success (3 credits)
This inspiring course focuses on building five success skills in students beyond academics to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes in school and adult life. Learn strategies for teaching students empathy. Gain skills to introduce and teach self-control to your students. Help students grasp the difference between honesty and integrity and plan activities to focus on integrity in the classroom. Embrace diversity in the classroom through the review of resources and planning of activities for your students. Determine the importance of teaching grit and develop ideas to increase the skill in you learners.

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