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At Learners Edge, we are constantly working to provide teachers with high-quality, continuing education courses that focus on relevant topics and the latest instructional strategies.

We are so excited to continue summer learning with 5 brand new coursescreated for teachers like you! Explore graduate-level, continuing education courses in Literacy, Teaching Excellence, Technology, Teaching in the Content Areas, Culture and Language, and Special Populations.




Crack the Shakespeare Code

Course 5234 | 3-Credits | Gr. 6-12

Whether you are new to Shakespeare or need a refresh, this course challenges you to set the stage for a positive and engaging experience for your students using the bard’s classic plays. You’ll connect Shakespearean themes to our current world and create an interactive assignment to help students decipher Shakespeare’s language. This resource-packed course will breathe new life into your instruction, and connect students with this giant of European literature.

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Learning with Laughter and Levity

Course 5398 | 1-Credit | Gr. K-12

It's no joke! A significant amount of research exists about the positive impact of humor on student learning when used well by educators. This course brings fun and levity to the forefront while providing specific methods for being humorous and revealing why memes, gifs, and comics are so engaging and effective. Course participants will investigate and develop strategies for humor-infused lesson plans, classroom activities, and routines. Connect with your students, enjoy your lessons, and remember that teaching and learning can be seriously fun. 

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Boost Your Skills with Google Jamboard

Course 5220 | 1-Credit | Gr. K-12+

If you’re a fan of Google Slides and Drawings, meet Jamboard! Google’s newest tool is a free, interactive digital whiteboard with capabilities beyond simple brainstorming with sticky notes. In this course, you’ll review the basics and learn a few new tips and tricks. We’ll demonstrate how to create your own interactive Jamboards, introduce innovative ideas for use in a variety of contexts and share more than 100 plug-and-play templates to save you time. Boost your Jamboard skills and activate student engagement with this versatile Google tool! 

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SocialEmotionalLearning copy


Tools for Today's School Counselors

Course 5237 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-12

School counselors are essential contributors to a student’s support system. This course will allow you to build practical tools to serve you well in your ever-changing role. Designed for school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers, the course explores the application of SEL strategies to support student challenges, how to solicit information to collaborate with teachers and families, along with brain-science-based strategies for smart studying.

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Physical Education for Fitness and the Future

Course 5242 | 3-Credits | Gr. PK-12

As educators, we want to ensure that children and adolescents build skills, knowledge, and a foundation for lifelong health and physical literacy. Gain practical strategies to enhance standards-based instruction, assessment, and adaptations for students with disabilities. We’ve even included opportunities to focus on your own wellness and movement! This course is teeming with tips to take your PE instruction to the varsity level.

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