Mindfulness for Teachers

Simple Steps to Improve Your Focus and Peace of Mind! 

boy-meditating.jpgThis webinar will discuss how to get started with Mindfulness in your own life and some simple first-steps to bring Mindfulness into your classroom, too. Former high school teacher and Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Molly Kiebel will focus on the benefits of Mindfulness, and share some practical strategies to improve you and your students' focus and well-being. There is no time like the present to start living more mindfully! 

Mindfulness for Teachers (recorded September 2017)

Below are the presentation slides. We hope these will help you in your efforts to explore your own Mindfulness practice!

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being-present-wordle.jpgIf this topic has sparked an interest in you, or you simply want to learn more, let us suggest a few resources and courses that may be of interest:

Course 898: Mindful Leadership in Schools (3 credits)

For school leaders and teacher-leaders wishing to incorporate mindfulness into their lives, this course provides a clear and engaging pathway. Participants will discover how mindfulness can help manage the demands of leadership, improve communication, and support a healthy lifestyle. 

Course 5007: Trauma-Sensitive Teaching: Helping Students Overcome Adverse Experiences
(3 credits) In this course, you will learn how to help your students overcome adverse experiences as you develop trauma-sensitive strategies for your classroom. Explore the foundations of trauma-informed teaching, including an emphasis on relationship-building, student choice, safety, and resiliency. This course will also present a thought-provoking look at the importance of self-care for educators working with students impacted by trauma and provide teachers with the tools they need to build their own wellness plan.

Blog Post: Mindfulness in the Classroom

Mindfulness Exercises to Try: 

Research on Benefits of Mindfulness:

Secondary Trauma Resources:

Mindfulness in Schools:

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