How can a Lane Change help you earn more?

Don’t leave money on the table. The sooner you earn credits the greater your lifetime earnings.

Maximize your education return on investment with our 5-Course Lane Change Bundle

Introducing the newest way to save more, learn more, and earn more. Fifteen credits get you a lane change and the salary boost that comes with it. But is the expense worth it in the long run? Let’s take a look. 

Accelerate Your Lifetime Earnings 

As an educator, you know the intrinsic rewards of continual learning. And no doubt you know the financial rewards, too.

But here’s one thing we’ve learned as a provider of graduate-level, continuing education: not all teachers realize how much money they leave on the table when they delay accruing credits. 

Annual salary gains are cumulative. So, teachers who gain an extra $8K in salary 20 years before retirement bring home an extra $160,000. Those teachers may also receive a higher pension by finishing their careers at an advanced salary level. Compare that to the educator who achieves the goal 10 years later ($80K less).

Get My 5-Course Bundle

Here's how the 5-Course Lane Change Bundle works:

    • Choose five 3-credit graduate-level courses 
    • Pay between $1,945 and $1,995 depending on your university partner 
    • A savings of $380 - $430 
    • Spread your payments over 12 months – no fees or interest 

Plan your learning pathway:

    • Select from 150+ courses in 17 content areas
    • Take up to one year to choose and register for your courses 
    • Complete your courses based on the session due dates in which you register 
    • Learn new skills, enhance classroom instruction, and increase student achievement 
    • Feel accomplished. You set and achieved high learning goals! 

We know the financial outlay can feel like a lot. But most educators break-even within 12-18 months of a lane change. Every year of teaching afterward is an upside. Let us show you what we mean. 

Examples: BA+15, Master's, MA+15, MA+30

Joaquin is a middle school teacher in Elk River, Minnesota. He plans to retire in 2042. Here’s how his financial returns look at varying graduate credit levels when he uses ACE as his university partner*. 

BA+15 Scenario 

Year credits earned  Years until retirement Salary gain with BA+15  Lifetime income gain  Cost of 15 credits  Net return  Earnings difference if he delays 
2022 20 $2,072 $41,440 $1,885 $39,555  
2026 16 $2,072 $33,152 $1,885 $31,267 $8,288 less


Master's Scenario

Year M.Ed earned  Years until retirement Salary gain with M.Ed vs BA  Lifetime income gain  Cost of ACE Master's Degree  Net return  Earnings difference if he delays 
2023 19 $12,433 $236,227 $8,500 $227,727  
2029 15 $12,433 $186,495 $8,500 $177,995 $49,732 less
2033 9 $12,433 $111,897 $8,500 $103,397 $124,330 less

MA+15 Scenario

Year MA+15 earned Years until retirement Salary gain with MA+15 vs MA Lifetime income gain Cost of 15 credits Net return Earnings difference if he delays
2025 17 $2,072 $35,224 $1,885 $33,339  
2030 12 $2,072 $24,864 $1,885 $22,979 $10,360 less


MA+30 Scenario

Year MA+30 earned Years until retirement Salary gain with MA+30 vs MA Lifetime income gain Cost of 30 credits Net return Earnings difference if he delays
2025 17 $4,144 $70,448 $3,770 $66,678  
2030 12 $4,144 $49,728 $3,770 $45,958 $20,720 less


Try out the Education Return on Investment Calculator to see what you could be earning. To complete the form, refer to the section of your district contract that specifies your steps and lanes salary gains. 

Download the Education ROI Calculator


*These examples are based on scenarios within one school district. Each district will vary. Refer to your teacher contract to determine the salary gains you will earn at each education level. 

Driving down education costs and driving up accessibility are at the core of what we do. We are on a mission to help educators boost their teaching practices and maximize their earnings. It’s a win/win for educators and their students. We are top-rated by tens of thousands of teachers for the quality of our asynchronous, self-paced, online courses. New courses are introduced every two months, so teachers always have something current to learn.  


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