What is the difference between online and print-based courses?

Many Learners Edge courses are offered in either format - find the format that works best for your learning style.

Unless specifically noted, courses have their own hard copy course text(s) containing a combination of practical strategies, methods and research-based theory for classroom teaching. Learners Edge works to use the most applicable and popular texts in the field. All 3 credit courses include the following sections:

Read and Respond: Each course uses a study guide with questions aligned with the readings.

Reflection Requirement: Every 3-credit course has a Reflection Requirement that is a minimum of 2 pages long. The Reflection Requirement allows you to connect in-depth with the course material and reinforce your learning on the topic.

Resource Requirement: This requirement provides you the opportunity to customize your learning by finding and summarizing current articles and blog posts that support the content of your course.

Application Requirements: Applications are designed to be relevant and useful to teachers in their classrooms, so each course requires that you create something applicable to your teaching situation.

Most courses are available in both formats, depending on topic and resources. Please note: There is an additional $20 charge for Print-based courses.

Both Print-Based and Online courses:

  • Are similar in scope, content and readings
  • Are submitted online, rather than via mail. We do love our trees, and are happy to offer online submission!
  • Include a hard copy of the course text (if applicable)

Course Materials

Print-Based Format has no online video viewing requirements, and the syllabus is loaded to your My Edge page.

Online Format is infused with multi-media clips to enhance learning, with all materials (including the syllabus) online.


For Print-Based courses, evaluator feedback is given on coursework, holistically, when course requirements are uploaded within the Learners Edge online environment.

For Online, evaluator feedback is given after each Module submission (3 Modules for a 3 credit course).

You can review course syllabi and course reviews on our website under each individual course description.