Does Learners Edge offer loan deferment?

We do not, but Augustana University does.

We are unable to provide a letter of verification of enrollment for the purpose of student loan deferment.

Because we are not a college or university, we have not been assigned a Federal School Code, which is the requirement for loan deferment. Additionally, the majority of our university partners are unable to provide verification for loan deferment for non-degree-seeking students.

Augustana University, however, will offer a letter of verification for enrollment for students enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits in a semester. They do need to follow their university session guidelines for verification. So, although a student can register for Learners Edge courses early, Augustana would not be able to verify registration until their term officially begins:

  • Spring term officially begins on January 2nd .
  • Summer term officially begins on May 15th.
  • Fall term officially begins on September 1st.

If you are still interested in pursuing this process, please connect with our Support Team after the Augustana University session start date and we will provide your registration information to the Registrar.

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