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When do I receive my evaluation and course grade?

Allow up to 7 days for evaluation. Grade transcription timelines vary by university partner.

Once you submit your work, please allow up to 5 days (7 days near the end of session due to high volume) for evaluation. Our evaluation team reviews work in the order it is submitted. You will receive an email notification when your work has been returned to you. Then, you can review the feedback from your evaluator and resubmit if necessary.

Tip: Check out this article for more information on viewing the feedback from your evaluator.

Once your work is complete (if it is after the grade release date for the session), you will receive a course completion email from Learners Edge. This email will tell you that your grade has posted to your Learners Edge record and you can access your Learners Edge letter of completion. We will send your grade in an automatic overnight transfer to your university partner.

Tip: Here are step-by-step instructions for accessing you letter of completion.

We adhere to the grading and session timelines of our university partners. With each session, there is a grade release date. This is the date we will begin releasing and posting grades for coursework completed in the session. If you complete the coursework before the grade release date, your grade and letter of completion will not be available until the session grade release date.

Session Grade Release Dates

  • Spring: January 2
  • Summer: May 16
  • Fall: September 2

After we’ve sent your grade, follow the transcription timeline of your university partner. For more information on transcription timelines, go to your university partner's page on our website.

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