How do I upload my print-based coursework?

I completed my coursework... now what?

1. Go to the online learning platform.

2. Login with your customer number and password.

Sakai login-1

3. Locate your course by clicking on the courses grid icon in the upper right of your screen.

My courses-2

4. Click on your course title.

Tip: Add this course to the top bar as a favorite by clicking the star to the left of the course name.

5. Click on the Assignment link in the menu on the left.

Assignment Button

6. Click on the underlined link for Final Assignment.

7. Scroll down until you see the textbox and submission screen.

Sakai 12 Load Assignments-2

You may upload your coursework one of two ways:

  1. Click on Choose File and select the file/document. This will attach the file for submission. If you have more than one document, please upload each one separately or combine them into one document.


2. Type your work in the text box provided or copy/paste your work from your document into the text box

Note: When uploading your coursework electronically, the Coursework Cover Page does not need to be attached.

Your submission will be evaluated within 3 -5 days and returned to you with comments. Please remember to log back into the course to see the wonderful comments that have been left by your evaluator.

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