How do I submit my work?

The easiest way to find and submit your assignments.

Tip: Try working in a Word document and using the text box for assignment submission. That way, your work is saved in another location. Courses only remain active in the online environment for 30 days after the final grade is issued.

With the online format of a course, you will work through the module assignments and create a running document as you respond to each of the questions in the modules. Please be sure to clearly label each response as it correlates to the prompt in the module assignments to ensure your evaluator is able to clearly identify and review each requirement.

When completing the final module in your assignment list, please be sure to clearly indicate and identify whether you are working towards a grade of B or completing the Final Assignment for an A.

Tip: Check out this article to learn how to access your course assignments and syllabus.

Submit Your Work

When you are ready to submit your coursework, click on the Module Submission link at the bottom of the module, or the assignment link on the menu on the left.

You can then load your coursework in one of two ways:

Sakai 12 Load Assignments-2

1. Click on Choose File and select the file/document. This will attach the file for submission. If you have more than one document, upload each one separately or combine them into one document.


2. Type your work in the text box provided or copy/paste your work from your document into the text box.

Here is a guide to all things "Assignment Submission" related:

Sakai 12 Guide to Assignment Submission-1

Tip: Need help saving your work as a PDF? There's a help article for that.

Tip: Need help attaching documents to the assignment textbox? There's a help article for that, too!

Assignment Buttons:

  • Submit Module for Evaluation: When you have completed ALL assignments for this module and want to submit your work to the evaluator. Note: once you submit your assignment, you will not be able to modify/add to it. Please make sure all PDFs are attached, or all typing in the text box is complete.
  • Preview: To see how the assignment textbox content will appear to the evaluator before you submit it. The Preview Button will not preview attachments content.
  • Save Draft: Not done with all the assignment requirements? Save your Module Assignment in draft form and come back to it at a later time.
  • Cancel: Closes the assignment - no changes saved