Become a Group Leader and Start Saving!

We want to give you more than just a thank you!

To recognize your hard work, we are offering you an additional $50 off when you follow our best practices for setting up your group. 

$50 off group registration (1)

Complete each step below to qualify for $50 off: 

Receive $50 by earning $25 for creating a group with 5 or more members and an additional $25 for following the 3 simple steps below to maximize your group's success!*

  1. Schedule a 5-minute call with our sales team - they’ll share all the great strategies that our successful group leaders use!
  2. Distribute 25 course catalogs to your friends and colleagues - use one, or both, of these two easy methods:
    1. Request 25 printed course catalogs that you can hand out to your colleagues.

    2. Use this Learners Edge catalog message to email an electronic version of our course catalog to 25 potential group members.
  3. Share your new position as a group leader - what better way to create interest in your group? 
    1. Post on your school’s or teacher union's social media account or website with your Learners Edge group number encouraging your teacher friends and colleagues to join your group.

    2. Share the Learners Edge Group Invitation with 25 colleagues and teacher friends.

*Complete this form to “certify” that you have completed all three steps. When you’ve completed the form and your group closes with 5 or more members, we’ll refund $50 from your Learners Edge course order – that’s in addition to any group savings you already receive!