Become a Group Leader and Start Saving

Become a Group Leader

Are you great at rallying and inspiring others? Do you love sharing savings with your friends and colleagues? You're in the right place.   

Create a group to tap into our deepest discount for our lowest course pricing and unlock additional group leader incentives. 

Being a Group Leader is fun, easy, and most importantly you are helping your fellow educators. 

  • Save as a TEAM! Watch your discount grow as your group members register. Earn $70-$115 off each course in your registration based on the final group size. 
  •  A FREE course! When your group closes with 6 or more members, you will earn a free 1 credit course (a $275 value).** 
  • Recognition for your time and energy! 
    • Earn a $25 refund when you invite 6 or more friends and colleagues on your Learners Edge Group Registration page.
    • Plus, earn a $25 to $75 refund as you grow your group and complete a few easy group recruitment actions. Connect with a Learning Advisor to learn more by clicking the chat button below.

Step 1: Create your group code 

  • Get instructions to create your group code, which will be valid for 21 days. 
  • Log in to your account to begin.
  • Enter your friends and colleagues on your Group Registration page. You may continue to add friends and colleagues to the Group Registration page throughout the 21-day window.  All invitees will receive emails during the 21-day group registration window. 

Step 2: Continue to share your group code and details 

  • Remember, your code is valid for 21 days. The sooner you share, the better. 
  • Distribute your group code to your building, district, and union (if applicable). 
  • Share your group code with your social media communities such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Step 3: Complete your course registration and watch your group savings grow 

  • Each group member must register at any time within the 21-day window.
  • Group members select from over 120 graduate-level continuing education courses. *** To become a member of the group, everyone must add the group code during checkout. 
  • Group members pay 50% of the original course price at the time of checkout. When the group closes, the group discount will be applied, and the remaining balance processed.

We're here to help! We will be sharing email reminders to both you and your group invitees. These emails will provide useful information to you and your group invitees as you proceed through the group process. 

 Number of Group Members

Savings Amount

(Discount applied to
original course price)

3-Credit Course Pricing

FREE 1-Credit Course - $275 value!

(in partnership with
American College of Education)

Group Leader Incentive 1:
Invite 6 or more friends & colleagues

Group Leader Incentive 2:
Grow your group

3 to 5 $70 $405 N/A $25 refund*

6 to 9 $90 $385 ✔️ $25 refund*
10 to 19 $105 $370 ✔️ $50 refund*
20+ $115 $360 ✔️ $75 refund*


Thank you for sharing the Learners Edge experience and please
know we are here to support you every step of the way.

*All group leader refunds will be issued to the original form of payment within 2 business days of the scheduled group close date. Group Leader refunds are a one-time benefit per group code. 
**Select from two available one credit courses in partnership with American College of Education for groups of 6 or more. Terms and conditions apply.  
***Group Registration is not available for Blended Learning and Fast Track courses. Group discounts cannot be combined with other promotional codes, offers and programs such as, multi-course, new customer, and returning customer discounts as well as the referral program. The group code must be added during checkout to qualify for group discounts and incentives.