Group Growth Incentive: Earn a Free 1-Credit Course

Find friends or colleagues to create a group with 6 or more members and you'll earn a FREE 1-Credit Graduate-Level Continuing Education course offered in partnership with American College of Education. 

Gain valuable strategies that will translate into better student engagement and more fun in your teaching day with this BONUS offer! Each course, offered exclusively for new groups of 6 or more, is packed full of all the great resources, strategies, and opportunities for practical application that you love, just in a bite-sized format. Take advantage of this great offer to enhance your professional learning with a FREE 1-credit add-on course.

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5398: Learning with Laughter and Levity 

Grad. Credits: 1-semester credit
Format: Online Only
Grade Level: PreK - 12+
Available University Partner: American College of Education

It's no joke! A significant amount of research exists about the positive impact of humor on student learning when used well by educators.  As educators re-evaluate what it means to be effective, increased attention is being given to the affective factors, interests, and emotions within the learning environment. This course brings fun and levity to the forefront while providing specific methods for being humorous and revealing why memes, gifs, and comics are so engaging and effective. Course participants will investigate and develop strategies for humor-infused lesson plans, classroom activities, and routines. Connect with your students, enjoy your lessons, and remember that teaching and learning can be seriously fun. 


5220: Boost Your Skills with Google Jamboard 

Grad. Credits: 1-semester credit
Format: Online Only
Grade Level: K - 12+
Available University Partner: American College of Education

If you’re a fan of Google Slides and Drawings, meet Jamboard! Google’s newest tool is a free, interactive digital whiteboard with capabilities beyond simple brainstorming with sticky notes. With its simple user interface, Jamboard can be used across ages and content areas, for collaboration, idea generation, formative assessment, and more! In this course, you’ll review the basics and learn a few new tips and tricks. We’ll demonstrate how to create your own interactive Jamboards, introduce innovative ideas for use in a variety of contexts and share more than 100 plug and play templates to save you time. Boost your Jamboard skills and activate student engagement with this versatile Google tool! 

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  2. Simply review the email and make your free course selection. 
  3. Next, click the selection button to indicate the course and session that will work best for you. 

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This offer is valid for up to 12 months from your original group registration date-offer will expire one year after the date of purchase provided on your Learners Edge group order receipt. This offer is in partnership with American College of Education - University Partner substitutions are not available. Your free 1-credit course is linked to your name only and not transferable to colleagues and friends. This offer is valid for the above listed courses only - course substitutions are not available. Coursework must be completed by the session due date of the session selected upon redemption. The free 1-credit course incentive is contingent upon your completed group registration. One free 1-credit course per unique group code. Individuals may redeem one free course in a 30 day window. If your group order is cancelled within 30 days, the free 1-credit course offer is null and void. Learners Edge Session credit limits apply.