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What are Non-Credit Courses?

Learn about our Non-Credit Courses: what they are, who they are best for, how to register and more.

Non-Credit courses are identical to our continuing education graduate credit courses with 2 distinct differences: cost and documentation. These courses are specifically for those that want robust learning but only need professional development hours for license renewal or recertification. 

These courses are designed to give you the same learning experience as our graduate-level courses but at a less expensive cost. Once you finish your course, you will receive a letter of completion from Learners Edge to meet your recertification or license renewal needs. Review our chart to determine if these are the best courses for you. 

Flexibility is key. If your needs change, we offer the option of a graduate credit upgrade as long as you are within 6 months of your session end date - just pay the difference. Our Non-Credit course page offers additional information on how these courses work. 

Explore our current lineup of Non-Credit courses. 


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