Can you explain how bundle registration works?

Here are the key details on our course bundle registrations, how you will select your courses, and your savings!

  1. I'd like to register for multiple bundles at a time. Can I do this?
    It's possible. As long as you spread out your two bundles across two different sessions. It's important to ensure you are able to commit the time needed to successfully complete all courses. We encourage you to connect with one of our Learning Advisors to establish a learning plan that will work best for you.  
  2. I'd like to register for my courses and add them to a bundle. How does this work?
    You will actually go through this process in reverse. Please complete the bundle registration first. Once your bundle registration is complete, you'll log into your account, to select your courses under the My Bundles section of your account.
  3. I've added the bundle and the courses I want for my bundle in my cart. Why is the price so high?
    When registering for a bundle, please add the bundle to your cart and proceed through checkout. You will select your courses after you've purchased your bundle. 
  4. I'd like to earn my advanced degree with ACE. Can this be achieved by completing multiple bundles?
    You will be able to roll 6 to 9-credits into specific ACE masters programs. Review the Credit Pathways section to explore the ACE masters programs that are available and accepting of Learners Edge credits.
  5. Can I apply promotional codes or group discounts to a Bundle registration?
    Our course Bundles offer fantastic savings on our standard course pricing. As such, no further discounts or promotions can be applied to Bundle purchases. 
  6. How much am I saving per course when I register for a Bundle?
    1. 3-Course Bundles are $1,188 ($396 per 3-credit course). If you were to register for a 3-credit course individually, the price is $459. Our 3-course bundle offers a savings of $189!
    2. 5-Course Bundles are priced from $1,945 - $1,995 depending on the university partner selected ($389 - $399 per 3-credit course). If you were to register for a 3-credit course individually, the price is $459. Our 5-course bundle offers savings of $300 - $350!