How can I get an extension on my coursework?

Use your one-week grace period or take advantage of a one-time re-registration opportunity.

We do adhere to the university session and grading timelines, so coursework needs to be completed in the session in which you are registered.

For every session, there is a one-week grace period at the end of the session. You do not need to do anything to use this extra time. Just continue to work.

The online learning platform may say that your work is late. But you can ignore this. There is no penalty for using the extra time. Your evaluator will know that you are using the grace period based on the date of your submission.

Still need more time? You can re-register for your online course* with our one-time re-registration option. This option allows you to re-register for the same course in the next session.

Re-Registration cost: $150 per course

(*note: Blended Learning, On-Sites, and Fast Track courses have limited re-registration options, please contact Learners Edge for specific details) 

To get started with reinstatement, please start here or contact us.

A few things to note on re-registration:

  • Make sure your work follows the syllabus for the new session you are enrolled in. Be sure you have saved any previously submitted coursework in another location. Your work will not transfer with your re-registration on the online platform.
  • After your re-registration, your original registration will be canceled. If you need to print a copy of your original registration receipt, please log in to your My Account page now to save your receipt. (Check out this article for step-by-step instructions.)
  • You have up to one year from the date of your original registration to use this one-time option and enroll in a current session.

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