A Conversation about Special Education

Then, Now and Our Hopes For The Future! 

Portrait of a young girl in school at the desk..jpegGrab your popcorn and join us for this 30 minute on-demand webinar “We Are Special: A Conversation About Special Education: Then, Now and Our Hopes For The Future,” as we talk with two special educators—currently part of the Learners Edge Curriculum & Instruction team. They will share their real-life experiences and heartfelt stories, as well as some special education basics: accommodations, modifications, assistive technology, strengths-based learning, and working with the parents of your students with special needs. You'll be intrigued by how far we’ve traveled on the special education journey, as well as our hopes and dreams for the future.

We Are Special: A Conversation About Special Education: Then, Now and Our Hopes For The Future (recorded November 2017)

Below are the presentation slides. We hope these will help you in your efforts to increase your knowledge of Special Education!

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Students raising their hands and asking questions to the teacher.jpegIf this topic has sparked an interest in you, or you simply want to learn more, let us suggest a few of our most popular special education courses resources that may be of interest:

Course 753: Succeeding with the Struggling Student  - A Teacher Favorite! 

(3 credits) This course will explore a myriad of ways to help any student become a successful learner—without remediating, watering down content or repeating it endlessly, or lowering expectations.  Many students who struggle to learn simply haven’t been taught strategies that are compatible with the way they think and learn.  In this course, you will learn how to teach students appropriate techniques and strategies to help them succeed in the classroom.

Course 776: Across the Spectrum: Teaching Students with Autism - A Teacher Favorite!
(3 credits) This course has been designed specifically to help you work with students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the mainstream classroom. You will explore the following components associated with ASD: anxiety, sensory processing, engagement, classroom communication, parent/teacher communication and collaboration, and associated behaviors. You will learn about a myriad of strategies designed to help your students with autism to experience success in the mainstream classroom.

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