Culturally Relevant Teaching

Strategies to Motivate and Engage! 

Culturally-Relevant-TeachingThis 35 minute webinar will discuss five common misconceptions about culturally relevant teaching and share simple steps to move you towards increasing student engagement and retention of content. Former elementary school teacher and Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, Marcee Harris will share her experiences and suggestions to help you engage with this important teaching strategy! 

Culturally Relevant Teaching (recorded October 2017)

Below are the presentation slides. We hope these will help you in your efforts to explore Culturally Relevant Teaching!

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Diverse-Students-Sitting-on-Couch-Reading-Feature-Image.jpgIf this topic has sparked an interest in you, or you simply want to learn more, let us suggest a few resources and courses that may be of interest:

Course 5702: The Culturally Competent Educator (3 credits)

“Culture is part of everything that is taught and caught.” Like its predecessors Diversity and Multicultural Education, “cultural competence” seeks to increase awareness of the variety of cultures represented in our classrooms today, to appreciate the backgrounds and contributions of all students, and encourages us to cultivate a depth of understanding which all educators must possess.

Because many teachers find themselves in classrooms that do not represent their personal experience, the course has been designed to encourage reflection on those experiences as well as how to use them to heighten understanding of diverse classrooms. Through examples and easy to remember tools, this course will demonstrate how to actively involve students to promote academic excellence and cultural understanding.

Course 5110: Creating a VIsion for Equity in Education (3 Credits)

Every student deserves a fair shot, so how are we going to ensure all students receive an equitable education? In this course, you will focus on developing practices that support building equity for all learners. Throughout your journey, you will explore how standards like social emotional engagement, instructional excellence, and student empowerment harmonize to create a more equitable school environment.

In addition to reflection and introspection, this course will culminate in a school audit to uncover bias and imbalances in current practices and devise goals for moving forward. The text, along with the applications in this course, will support the critical work of educators to develop a vision of equity for your classroom/school/district and promote the actions necessary to make this vision a reality.

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