Work Together, Learn Together!

Jigsaws, PBL, Lit Circles - oh my! 

This webinar on collaborative learning is perfect for teachers who are ready to dive into teaching essential 21st Century Skills! Tune in for the next 30 minutes and come away with new ideas of how to effectively facilitate your next venture into Collaborative Learning! 

Work Together, Learn Together! Collaborative Learning in the Classroom.

Below are the presentation slides. We hope these will help you in exploring options for Collaborative Learning!

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collaboration.jpgIf this topic has sparked an interest in you, or you simply want to learn more about Collaborative Learning strategies, let us suggest a few resources and courses that may be of interest:

Course 5856: Project Based Learning: Create, Collaborate and Innovate (3 credits)
Learn the details and processes that will empower you to create Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences in your classroom. This course will introduce you to frameworks and techniques that allow your students to facilitate a learning project based on their passions, all while building cooperative learning and 21st Century skills. You’ll look at a variety of instructional strategies and technology tools to support PBL in your classroom, and you’ll learn to assess your students’ progress in their experiences. Plus, you will explore some great project-based learning ideas! Join hundreds of other educators who know that PBL is key to critical thought and innovative learning!

Course 5833: One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for your Classroom
(3 credits)

This course will prepare you to take your classroom to the next level using a host of Google™ tools. You'll learn how to create and share Google™ documents and spreadsheets online, access your documents from anywhere on any computer, import your existing documents, and organize your classroom work into folders. You'll also be guided through publishing your documents, and you'll learn how to collaborate online with your students and colleagues in real time. You’ll also learn how to use Google™ Slides/Presentation, along with Forms and Sites. This course will truly demonstrate the power of Google™ Apps to enhance your teaching, and make your life a bit easier!

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