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What to Wear When Teaching in a Proverbial Sauna

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The Classroom Philosophy of Robert Weaver: Technology & Student Learning

When you think of kids, what two words come to mind?  If the words you thought of were "curiosity" and "fearlessness" then you're right on track with high school educator Robert Weaver's classroom philosophy.  In his philosophy, Weaver tells us that all students have a right to learn, and that using technology is the best way to get there.  

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10 Tips for Teachers Communicating with Difficult Parents

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Financial Fitness for Teachers (A Peek at Course 5228!)

We all know April Showers Bring May Flowers, but did you know April is also Financial Literacy Month? The spring rain of April prepares the ground for magnificent flowers in May, and we hope our first-ever financial fitness course will help you fertilize your finances in a way that supports a life filled with financial freedom and wellness. The course is available for registration beginning on May 16th

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The Connection Between Teaching and Gardening

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Trauma Informed Teaching for Early Childhood

Teachers and caregivers have long understood that children impacted by trauma, including abuse, illness, family conflict, and grief, need additional emotional and developmental support. Young children living with trauma can be easily overcome by fear, anxiety, or aggression, and often have difficulty connecting with others. The hopeful news is that we can help young students overcome their adverse experiences and thrive in our care when we use trauma-sensitive strategies. 

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Tackling Tough Topics in Your Classroom

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Fresh Ideas for Indoor Recess

Indoor recess again?! This is the phrase every teacher dreads hearing after an exhausting morning of lessons. You know your students need an outlet for their energy and a break from the cognitive demands of the classroom, but the extreme weather has made outdoor time impossible. What do you do? If puzzles and board games just aren’t cutting it anymore, check out a few of our fresh ideas below! These 10 indoor recess activities will help beat boredom (and save your sanity!): 

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Engaging Families and Communities in Students' Education

Student success is a shared interest of both school and family.”

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Tips to Organize and Declutter Your Classroom

The last year and a half found many of us re-evaluting our priorities. Faced with being stuck at home has driven many of us (myself included) to do something with our “extra time.” Enter the minimalism movement, with experts like The Minimalists, Marie Kondo, and Josh Becker offering up philosophies, tips, and even courses to help you shift your mindset towards “less is more.”

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