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Beyond Extra Recess—Educational Activities for "Al Fresco" Learning

As the school year draws to a close and the weather warms up, special assemblies, performances for families, and other fun activities lead to changes in classroom schedules and routines. When you return to a stuffy classroom after an exciting event, it can be difficult to engage students in a sit-down lesson. Kids look longingly towards the playground, but you still have important content to teach before they move on to the next grade. That’s when outdoor learning activities can save the day! Read on for 10 easy ways to bring the learning outside for any grade level or content area.

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Promoting Social Good with Ed Tech (New Course 5207!)

What makes you happy? 

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Our Summer Blended Learning Course Line-Up!

It’s 20 degrees in March and those who are thawing out in toasty climates are posting photos of sunshine, sand, and surf. But don't worry about us, we’re warming up by working on our summer Blended Learning course line-up!   

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7 Ways to Incorporate March Madness Into Your Classroom

Originally Posted by Learners Edge on March 18, 2016, and Revised on February 18, 2022.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! March Madness is almost underway but rather than fight your students’ interest in the NCAA basketball tournament, make the most of it! We’ve collected our favorite top seven ways to integrate basketball and the tournament into your lesson plans. Click on the title heading for additional details on engaging students with exciting basketball-themed activities.

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Four “GEMS” (Ways) to Start Your Classroom Lessons, with Resources and Courses

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The Sizeable Role of Soft Skills in Learning

Training for future jobs garners images of factories cranking out workers with the perfect skill set to function on an assembly line or cubicle. The focus seems to be on technical knowledge to produce and make money, but education is so much more than that!

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Teach Students (and yourself) How to Ask Questions to Drive Their Own Learning

The research is clear: student-driven learning is effective; students have the freedom to develop questions, connect to a real world issue, problem-solve, and arrive at an answer. When students have this freedom, they are more invested and driven, more likely to apply their learning in other areas of their life, and can be reflective of their own learning process. The teacher is a resource and guide, but the students are propelling the learning. 

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Fresh Ideas for Indoor Recess

Indoor recess again?! This is the phrase every teacher dreads hearing after an exhausting morning of lessons. You know your students need an outlet for their energy and a break from the cognitive demands of the classroom, but the extreme weather has made outdoor time impossible. What do you do? If puzzles and board games just aren’t cutting it anymore, check out a few of our fresh ideas below! These 10 indoor recess activities will help beat boredom (and save your sanity!): 

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Getting Back on Track After the Holidays—10 Tips from Top Blogs

It’s no secret, the holidays are challenging! 

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Building Self-Efficacy and Confidence in Your Students

Posted by Keely Keller on Oct 2, 2018; updated by Betsy Butler (Dec 29,2021)

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