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Spark Engagement and Enhance Learning with Arts Integration!

After the excitement of the holiday season, the first few months of the year can feel a little “meh,” back to the grind, same-old same-old. Our new course 5245: Educational Innovation with Art Integration can help! The course is all about an approach that reinvigorates teachers and energizes students! You’ll learn strategies any PreK-12th grade content area teacher can use to boost engagement and achievement using visual and media arts, music, theater, and dance/movement. With choices offered throughout, you’ll develop a plan to integrate the arts in a way that meets your students’ unique needs. Read on to learn more and download a sneak peek resource from the course!

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The Power of Brain Breaks

It’s important to remember how powerful brain breaks for students can be! The main benefit of a brain break is that it can improve a child’s overall well-being and positive mental space. Studies have shown that physical activity reduces stress, increases energy levels, and improves mood.  When students are given opportunities to take breaks and engage in physical activity, they are better able to manage their emotions and cope with the demands of the school day. In “Research-Tested Benefits of Breaks” author Youki Terada explains some benefits of implementing these regular breaks throughout the day.

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Helping Students Change the World Through Civic Engagement

The imperfect experiment of democracy has a common theme throughout its systems and levels of government:  

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5 Quick Teacher Tips for Class Tomorrow

Since joining Twitter, I’ve come to love the small bites of learning I can grab in just a few minutes of scrolling. Whether it's a quick tech tip, classroom management strategy, or student project idea, Twitter is a gold mine! Follow our short list of favorite tip-sharing teachers for PD on demand in the comfort of your home, and scroll through this list of top tips to try tomorrow!

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5 Tips to Conserve Your Teacher Energy

The other day while on a walk with a friend, our conversation revolved around the exhaustion we felt from teaching all day. She hit me with a statement I have to share: “Talk for curriculum, not for behavior.” To help conserve our energy she suggests we talk for instructional purposes only.  When directing behaviors, we should stay silent. This might be the secret to our sanity as teachers!

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5 Tips for Preventing Cyberbullying in Your Classroom

Bullying has evolved and continues to be a challenge in all schools: Read More

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10 Reasons You Should Use Sentence Frames in Your Classroom

A sentence frame is a teacher-created scaffold using a fill-in-the-blank format designed to help students ask or answer questions verbally or in writing. They are very effective for all students but especially for those who may require a bit more support. Take a look at our TOP TEN reasons you should be using these in your classroom. 

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Best Practices in Teaching Expository Writing

5 paragraphs, 1 thesis statement. 

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Unlock Scaffolding Success with Five Keys

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A New Course to Empower Confident Math Thinkers

What does it really mean for students to be fluent in math? Hint: It’s not just about basic facts! In our new course 5222: Math Fluency Beyond the Facts, you’ll challenge the traditional narrative of fluency. Rather than memorization, regurgitation, and speed, fluency is rooted in conceptual understanding, involving flexible thinking, reasoning, and creativity. 

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Topics: Instructional Strategies, STEAM/STEM, Courses

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