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Supporting Students In Behavioral Crises

The lingering effects of the pandemic still affect us both mentally and physically. In, “Public Education is Facing a Crisis of Epic Proportions,” Laura Meckler writes:

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5 Tips to Conserve Your Teacher Energy

The other day while on a walk with a friend, our conversation revolved around the exhaustion we felt from teaching all day. She hit me with a statement I have to share: “Talk for curriculum, not for behavior.” To help conserve our energy she suggests we talk for instructional purposes only.  When directing behaviors, we should stay silent. This might be the secret to our sanity as teachers!

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A Closer Look at Discipline in the Classroom (8 Behavior Management Strategies for Teachers)

As the saying goes, “The pendulum swings,” or more accurately in this case, the paddle. When it comes to classroom management, we are experiencing a full-circle evolution. Educators know why strategies like restorative justice, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning work; because they are respectful and leave students’ dignity intact. But, in Missouri, something different is happening.  

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5 Tips for Preventing Cyberbullying in Your Classroom

Bullying has evolved and continues to be a challenge in all schools: Read More

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3 Social-Emotional Learning Practices To Ease Students’ Transition Back-to-School

Going back to school is an exciting time for students and teachers! Picking out your first-day-of-school outfit, the smell of Crayola crayons, and meeting new friends! In addition to excitement, returning to school can also bring anxiety and angst. Here are three things teachers can focus on to ease students back into the brick & mortar schoolhouse.

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Our Summer Blended Learning Course Line-Up!

It’s 20 degrees in March and those who are thawing out in toasty climates are posting photos of sunshine, sand, and surf. But don't worry about us, we’re warming up by working on our summer Blended Learning course line-up!   

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Tips to Organize and Declutter Your Classroom

The last year and a half found many of us re-evaluting our priorities. Faced with being stuck at home has driven many of us (myself included) to do something with our “extra time.” Enter the minimalism movement, with experts like The Minimalists, Marie Kondo, and Josh Becker offering up philosophies, tips, and even courses to help you shift your mindset towards “less is more.”

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8 Book Recommendations on Student Behavior

Understanding and addressing student behavior often feels like a puzzle. Many pieces are necessary to make up the complete and TRUE picture. Does the child have positive connections with staff and other students? Does the child need routine? Could the child benefit from resilience building? What is developmentally normal? Has the child experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences or trauma? What is the function of behavior? Does she have a skill deficit? What is their learning style? Is he receiving proper nutrition? Did the child get a good night’s sleep? So many pieces…

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No More Mean Girls

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Care and Push: Building Relationships with Students

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