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Digital Literacy & 3 Ideas for Digging Deeper

Teaching reading is not for the faint of heart - it’s serious work that deserves constant attention, adaptation, and adjustment. And now, to ensure reading success for all students, educators have to engage and embrace a maze of digital literacy tech tools. As a veteran teacher who began teaching before personal computers were accessible in schools (please don’t do the math), keeping up with technology became a professional priority. I felt proud (and scared) of every teaching tech step, but it didn’t take long before my 6th grade students were racing ahead and I had stay in gear to keep up every single day of my teaching career.   

Even though digital literacy presents powerful teaching and learning potential, there are daunting challenges in a world exploding with screens, causing even the toughest of teachers to wonder:  

  • How does one teacher guide the ever-increasing interactions of all students and their screens during any given school day?   
  • How does one teacher evaluate and identify best apps or tools to put in the hands of each student based on specific literacy and learning needs?   
  • How does one teacher develop a trust for tech tools that expand or expire by the day?   
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