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In three months (March, April, May 2020), 2,636 teachers registered for our top five, ISTE aligned, graduate level continuing education technology courses. What have they learned? Here is a sneak peek (or some mini pd for you) from each of our top five tech courses.  


Course #1: 

5833: One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for your Classroom is our top tech course this spring, but beyond that, it has been in our top five for years! Recent revisions have incorporated new strategies and tutorials along with an easy to follow “How To” and “Now Do” format. Look at a snippet from Module 1.


Course #2: 

5099: Docs, Slides, and Forms in the Classroom: Your Next Level Google Guide is our number two tech course and is considered a follow up to 5833 (above). Register for this course to take your use of Google to the next level with interactive, dynamic elements that incorporate 21st-century skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity. Here is a sneak peek from the course.


Course #3: 

5835: Create and Captivate: Using Online Presentations to Teach will have you creating new, engaging online presentations for your learners in no time. We are confident this course will add to your teacher toolbox. Check out this course activity to get a sense of course content.

Course #4: 

5095: Teaching with Video to Support Digital Classroom Success will have you filtering the myriad of online content to curate high quality, relevant videos to support classroom curriculum. Want to know more? Take a look at this exercise from the course. 


Course #5: 

5097: Making the Shift to Blended Learning in Your Classroom is the course I am recommending to every teacher this year even though it comes in at number fiveWith the shift to our educational landscape and the questionable return to physical school spaces in the fall, this course will help you prepare for the possibility of a blended learning classroom. But don’t worry, even if schoolare back in session, everything you learn in this course can be used to vary assignments, learning, and expectations for students to keep them engaged and challenged. Take a look!

Now friends, that was just a sneak peek of our tech content. There are so many more relevant and applicable tech integration lessons packed into each of these courses. You can choose one of these or any of our tech courses to add to your teaching toolkit! 

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