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trust fallAs of March 2019, over 38 million people have watched Dr. Brené Brown’s viral TED Talk on vulnerability. Dr. Brown, a self-described “shame researcher,” and professor at the University of Texas in Houston, shares her life’s research about trauma, shame, courage, and vulnerability and how understanding their impact leads to transformational change.

image-73We know our new course offering The Practice and Power of Vulnerability in the Classroom will disrupt your teacher equilibrium as you learn what vulnerability means for teachers and students, why vulnerability is the casualty of shame, and feedback best practices for students, colleagues, and parents.

Student and Teacher Vulnerability

Each of us has our own standard of vulnerability. For one student, vulnerability may be raising their hand in front of peers while for a different student it may be reading aloud in front of a group. Teacher vulnerability may be teaching a new lesson, or being continuously evaluated by society, peers, and parents. Dr. Brown tells us, “Learning is inherently vulnerable. No vulnerability, no learning.”


Statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) state that one out of four students have experienced trauma. Trauma can take many forms, such as food insecurity, violence, abuse, or racism. Dr. Brown explains that when our students experience trauma, they experience shame and shame tells us to “armor up” and not to show vulnerability. Vulnerability, Dr. Brown explains, is the casualty of shame.

Feedback Best Practices

We all know the feeling of being evaluated—talk about vulnerability! You will learn about feedback best practices all based on Dr. Brown’s insights and research.

If you are ready to disrupt your teacher equilibrium and to embrace transformational change, look no further! Register today for The Practice and Power of Vulnerability in the Classroom.

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