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Clue: Enjoyable, dynamic courses that connect educators from across the United States without leaving home.   

Answer: What are Blended Learning courses! 

This summer, Learners Edge is offering a sweet suite of 11 Blended Learning courses designed to connect you with other educators from across the United States. Grab your laptop and get ready to learn from your porch, patio, or park!  

One of the new offerings this summer is Get in the Game, a course that provides strategies for game-based learning. Taking his cue from the course, Blended Learning instructor Lance Raabe customized a Jeopardy! game to teach you about this summer's 11 Blended courses! 



Blended Learning courses are offered for teacher re-licensure and/or salary advancement in partnership with our credit-granting university partnersThe courses are a blend of synchronous (Zoom) sessions and asynchronous learning (2 online modules).  

Back by Popular Demand:  
5052: The Teacher Retreat
5053: Mission Possible
5092: Teacher Wellness with Passion and Practice
5113: Teacher Wellness 2
5056: The Mindful Approach
5051: The Mindful Approach 2
5114: The Power of Positivity
NEW in 2021 
5200: Get in the Game! 
5201: The Stress Effect 
5202: Managing Movement in Technology Times 
5204: Teaching for Good

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