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Social and emotional learning isn’t just for kids anymore. In fact, research has shown the importance of starting with the adults who are teaching SEL. To effectively teach SEL skills, educators must invest time in self-awareness by improving their own understanding and skill set in each competencyTo help you grow, we’ve provided 10 activities to try with your students or on your own!  

SEL Competency 

Adult SEL Activity

Student SEL Activity


Make a list of your strengths, values, and positive character traits. Feel free to brag! 

Develop an emotional rating scale for your students or better yet, have them develop their own. Encourage the use of color, icons, etc. to bump up the creativity. Here are some examples of visuals to help improve self-regulation. 


Watch this Mindfulness for Teachers webinar (and earn a Certificate of Completion). We know you need some peace and quiet.  

Have students create a web to brainstorm positive outcomes of practicing self-discipline. They can refer to it as they ponder decisions to be made. 

Social Awareness 

Improve your cultural competence by working through these tools to support anti-racism. One at a time is just fine!  

Try a role-playing activity or scenario-based exercise to increase understanding of differing perspectives. Add video for some fun and laughs! 

Relationship Skills 

Take time to reflect on the people in your personal and/or professional life who are important and tell them why they matter to you. This is your circle! 

Talk to students about body language and foster this healthy relationship skill by having them practice reading and using body language. Charades, anyone? 

Responsible Decision Making 

Try using the acronym DECIDE when you have to make a choice!  

D-Define the problem 

E-Explore the alternatives 

C-Consider the consequences 

I-Identify your values 

D-Decide and act 

E-Evaluate the results 

Explicitly teach (and model) responsible technology use. We could all use a reminder about digital footprints and balance.   

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