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Resources for Impactful Social-Emotional Learning

Reignite Your JOY for Teaching & Learning: 

Resources for Impactful Social-Emotional Learning

We know it’s been a difficult time for educators to provide the social and emotional supports students need. The pandemic has challenged educators to find new ways to maintain social connections among students, support emotional wellbeing, and address mental health.  

As we move into spring and wrap up this school year, we wanted to gather our most impactful tips and resources as well as continuing education courses that can help you refresh your SEL strategies and breathe new life into your end-of-year plans. We’re here to support your personal well-being so you can be your best self as you lead SEL initiatives in your school with compassion.   

We encourage you to tap into what led you to teach, what sustains you, and focus on the bright moments that remind you that you are making a difference in your students’ lives.  

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Engaging SEL Resources: 


5203: Social and Emotional Learning Starts with You (3 Credits)

5031: Social-Emotional Learning: Strengthening Hearts and Minds (3 Credits)

5107: Empathy and Social Comprehension for a Compassionate Classroom (3 Credits)

5102: Anxiety Awareness: Empowering Students with Help and Hope (3 Credits)

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Other Complimentary Resources: 


Building Self-Efficacy and Confidence in Your Students 

Care and Push: Building Relationships with Students 

11 Tried and True Strategies for Getting to Know Your Students 

Educating the Heart through Social Emotional Skills 

Resolving Conflict in the Classroom 

How to Help Students Out of a Fight, Flight, Freeze Response 

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Anxiety Awareness - 3 Part Webinar Series 

Culturally Relevant Teaching: Strategies to Motivate and Engage 

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SEL As a Way of Being for Educators 

Investing in Student Relationships, Peer-to-Peer Culture, Belonging and Psychological Safety 

Building Emotional Literacy 

Building Class Culture with Social Skills Goals 

Building School Culture with Community Circles 

Using Guided Relaxation in the Classroom 


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