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Refresh with Walk & Talks [VIDEO]

Sparking Student Engagement

A lull in learning is never fun - refresh your students with this movement activity! Even though November can be a bit chilly in some states, especially Minnesota where Learners Edge is located, you can still find ways to incorporate the walk and talk. Perhaps taking a walk through the halls of your school or a lap around the gym will be just enough movement to spark student engagement! 

Barb - Refresh With Walk & Talks

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Barb from Learners Edge.

As a sixth grade teacher, I was always on alert for student engagement and refocusing strategies. Even though reasonable transitions were built into our schedule, I sometimes noticed a lull in the learning, or a fracture in the focus. My own student engagement research led me to a favorite movement activity I called, "Walk and Talk." 

After you've pre-planned your path and pre-taught the routine, follow these actions steps.

  1. Plan and post two talking points to incorporate content learning or for building student connections.
  2. Line up and pair up. Use a zipper line, ladder, or any other quick random method.
  3. Carry your cell phone or school's device to follow school safety protocols.
  4. Walk and talk together. 
  5. Return back to class.

I've added more notes and extension ideas in my Walk and Talk Activity Plan. To download a copy of this movement and student engagement routine, please click on the link below.Download the Walk & Talk Activity Plan

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