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Practice Writing with Daily Pages [VIDEO]

Building Writing Confidence in Your Students

Are you struggling to get students to write with confidence? Maybe they need an extra boost! Check out these awesome tips from our Curriculum and Instruction team member, Barb. She'll convince you to try Daily Pages in less than 2 minutes...

Barb - Practice Writing with Daily Pages
Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Barb from Learners Edge. 

Getting students to start writing can be a real challenge. Here's one of my all-time favorite routines to inspire more writing in your classroom: It's a strategy that supports writing fluency for virtually every skill level. 

I call this routine, Daily PagesWith a goal of "fluency" not to target speed or rate of writing, but rather to develop a "flow" that leads to--more output--more pages--success! With these pages, notebooks will be filled with words, sentences, paragraphs, poems, ideas, stories, dreams -- student writers begin to feel capable, and confident in putting something on the page. 

No more writer's block with Daily Pages!

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Start writing. 
  2. Keep writing. (Don't stop until the music stops.)
  3. Write a half to one page every day. 
  4. Guess-and-go spelling. (Let ideas bounce from your brain onto the page without judgment.)
  5. Practice silence. (Respect the writing zone.)
  6. Use the idea, or don't.
  7. Have fun! 

Creating a regular routine for writing practice will help students get more words on the page--which is when the real writing can begin! And to that, we gotta say, "Write on!"

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Barb - Practice Writing with Daily Pages


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