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Power Up With Google Chrome Extensions

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If you have ever had the choice between something “basic” and….”tricked out,” you know the latter had more bells and whistles, the abilities to do more, resulting in an enhanced experience. For the purpose of this writing, the “basic” is the shiny new Chromebook as it arrived from the factory. Chrome Extensions add to the browser on a Chromebook to enhance your online navigation and personalize your experience!  

Extensions can change your life and you students’ lives, especially during distance learningStudents only really need to have the extensions that help with their individual need(not the whole Chrome store, or everything will s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n), so by adding extensions to a student’s browser, you are providing targeted interventions.  Check out some of the more popular extensions, courtesy of Edutopia’s “10 Student-Tested Chrome Extensions…” 

  • Screencastify can increase instructional minutes outside of your classroom (flipping your classroom.) 
  • Grammarly for Chrome helps students check grammar and spelling and gives students feedback on their common errors. 
  • VoiceIn is for students who wish to do voice typing/dictation 
  • Auto Highlight improves reading and comprehension by highlighting certain pieces of a text 
  • Visor can be used as a “bookmark” for students to track as they read.  

The best thing to do is get into Chrome store and play around, search for ideas, and open the door to deeper learning! 

But wait….there’s more! 

We found some fabulous lists and articles to help your extension experiences. Download this list for Chrome Extension Resources!

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