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Positive Behavior Reinforcement with Penny Boards [VIDEO]

Penny boards are token economy systems that can be used with students needing positive behavior reinforcement. This video blog will take you through creation and use of a penny board to help your students improve their behavior.

Keely - Penny Board


Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Keely from Learners Edge.

And I'd like to talk with you today about a token economy system called a penny board, which is used for behavior modification.

If you have a student who has autism spectrum disorder or maybe a cognitive delay or maybe it's just a young learner that struggles with behavior, a penny board can help you.

This penny board was just made out of Velcro, pennies, and then just some cut-outs. What a penny board does is it identifies the behavior you want the child to work on. You put the behavior here. And in this case, let's say, maybe it's sitting on the floor with their hands in their lap. So, we'd have a visual of that here for the student. And then every time that the student does that behavior appropriately, we move a penny from down here up here. And eventually, the student will earn all five pennies. And then they are working for a reinforcer. In this case, it's a goldfish. This is one way that you can use a penny board for students to reinforce positive behaviors in small increments.

The other thing to think about is that these pennies, it may be that you want a student only to earn three. If you're really having a student who's struggling with compliance, it may be that they need to earn the pennies faster or earn less pennies to get their reinforcer.

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Penny boards are an effective positive behavior management system that can be used in your classroom for any student needing positive behavior reinforcement. Positive behavior reinforcement is generally one of the most effective strategies for students with autism who have challenging behaviors.  Check out our blog post, "6 Steps to Success for Students with Autism," for additional strategies which can help you set yourself, your students with autism and their peers up for success.


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