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Personalizing your continuing education

personalized continuing ed

Do you ever ask yourself, “How can I earn credit for all of this learning!”? 

Learners Edge has the answer, you can. 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

At Learners Edge, we offer a suite of Personalized Continuing Education courses where YOU tell US what you want to learn 

You can do it in three easy steps!  

STEP 1: Review our list of Personalized Continuing Education courses and choose the course(s) you want to take.  

We offer the following personalized courses, designed to get you earning credit for learning the things you want to learn. You choose!  

Each PCE course is offered for three graduate credits from Augustana University and can be taken two times in a lifetime, once per year.  

STEP 2: Complete and submit the simple application. 

One of the best parts about my role at Learners Edge is reviewing the applications for our Personalized Continuing Education courses! 

Here are some great examples: 


Name: Sarah 

Destination: Ukraine 

Planned dates of Travel: Summer 2019 

Please list three learning goals/objectives you have for your iExplore course: To teach music classes in 4 different locations in Ukraine. I will create a curriculum for each location based on pedagogical research. In addition, my goals are to learn: How to differentiate instruction for all students who may have exceptionalities. How to teach students to experience music in their everyday lives, despite their lack of access to instruments and technology. How to use my exploration of authentic cultural experiences to broaden the depth of my students' knowledge of other musical traditions. 

Summarize how the iExplore course will make you a better educator and will benefit your students:  

I strongly believe that this experience will help to improve my teaching for a number of reasons. First, I can focus on how to teach students who may have language barriers, as I will be experiencing this myself. Second, I will be working with many students with physical and intellectual disabilities (due to the proximity to Chernobyl where there are many health issues due to the nuclear disaster), which will help me find solutions for my own students with these challenges. Finally, I am a teacher in a Title 1 school, I think this experience will help me find better solutions for students with limited access to resources and home support. 

For additional iExplore examples, click here.

Virtual RealityiLearn: 

Name: Abbey 

Materials: The podcast The Lonely Palette with host Tamar Avishai  

How will you access and deliver the material to your audience?  

I will access the material through the website and play the podcasts using my computer or iPad sharing a screen in front of the class. The additional resources provided on the website, including photos, etc., will be accessed in the same manner. 

Describe how the iLearn course will make you a better educator and will benefit your students: This course will make me a better educator by allowing me to go beyond the basic Art History text and bring my students another avenue of learning about the history of art. My students will hear other students’ perspectives and cultures while learning more about art history.  

For additional iLearn examples, click here. 

Book HeartiCourse: 

Name: Jennifer 

Text: 180 Days by Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle 

Tell us why did you selected this textbook. I want to use the 180 Days structure to develop a unit on informational/nonfiction text that follows the format suggested in the book. 

Describe how the iCourse will make you a better educator. This course will allow me to include informational text in our curriculum (it seems to be missing now) and will allow me to explore the ideas and apply them to the needs of my students. It will also allow me to adjust my professional practice. 

Describe how the knowledge you gain from the iCourse will benefit your students. I will develop the unit and share it with my PLC (professional learning community) for feedback prior to teaching this unit. The end product will include assessments, supplemental materials, lesson ideas, completed lessons, and suggestions for other texts that could be included. Students will benefit because I will be able to tailor my teaching to their needs. 

For additional iCourse examples, click here 

(Want to study and learn about a book with a group? Click here to learn about our Group Book Study). 

Smiling-Young-Lady-at-PCTech Study: 

Name: Adriane  

Name of the Tech Tool: Microsoft Publisher and the 'Smart Art' application  

Summarize how you will teach the tech tool to your students/colleagues: I plan to implement the use of Smart Art by first giving short and specific assignments related to one topic (to show how species in a genus and genera in a family are related, for example). Next, after using various tools in Smart Art and Publisher I will open it up to my students to create a project of their choice that addresses the topic required (I have had good success with this approach in the past).  

I plan to implement Publisher with topics where students will have written material that is more descriptive in nature (so a graphic organizer or flow chart is less ideal). My plan is to suggest a 'newsletter format' - however I know my students will have other ideas, too! Also I don't really know anything about Publisher so I think, as I come to learn the program, I will have other ideas. Some science topics where the 'newsletter' approach would fit well: biomes, ongoing experiments, historical figures.  

Describe how use of the tool will help you be a better educator and will help your students learn/your colleagues be better educators. 

I will primarily use this tool to teach my students how to create their own content. I am a huge believer that students have more buy-in, ownership, and motivation when they are creating their own content. For example, students can create a newsletter for a local mammal for my environmental science course, students can summarize their experimental methods via a flow chart. Students can present results from an experiment using SmartArt graphics with pictures. 

For additional Tech Study ideas, click here 

As you can see, the questions on the applications are simple and straightforward... 

  1. “What do you want to learn?”  
  2. “How will this learning make you a better teacher?”  
  3. “How will this experience benefit your students?”  
  4. To see the applications, please click on the links below: 

STEP 3: Register and start learning!  

The last step is to register!  

Our knowledgeable and helpful Registration Team will assist you with any questions. 

As you complete our Personalized Continuing Education courses and have questions about the requirements or content, please email We love to talk with teachers and are happy to help! 

Learn what you want to learn. 

Learn with Learners Edge!

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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