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Organizing Class Book Sets [VIDEO]

How to keep class book sets intact

Teaching every student how to keep their paperback books intact throughout the year can be a very difficult task. Keely from Learners Edge is here with three simple suggestions that you can implement in your class!

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Keely, from Learners Edge. 

Today, I'd like to share a few tips to help you and your students manage the class book sets you use throughout the year. Since classroom sets are often comprised of paperback books, it's helpful to take a few proactive steps to keep these sets organized and looking new. 

My first tip is to have your students label their books clearlyEven if the books are checked out to students, or assigned numbers, it's easy for those books to get mixed up during your group times. As you check out the books, either hand out Post-It notes or bookmarks students can use to label texts. Have them write down their first name and last names and your name, just in case they leave the book in another classroom. As a teacher, I loved using these simple plastic placemats from the Dollar Store to make bookmarks because they're inexpensive and virtually indestructible. 

My second tip is to encourage students to store their texts in quart or gallon plastic bagsI actually learned this tip from a travel blog, but it works great for the classroom, too. At first, my high school students were a bit reluctant to use these, but they soon saw the benefit when their books stayed safe in their messy backpacks. These, too, can be personalized with stickers or markers, depending upon the age of your students. 

My last tip is to save any damaged text that you need to replace from year to year, rather than discarding them. Label them as shared texts, and keep them on hand in your classroom library for students who temporarily misplace their books or leave them at home. They typically work great in a pinch, even with slight damage, and keep your classroom sets intact. 

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