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NEW Happiness Course!


With a game of Happiness Bingo!bingo

Learners Edge has a fantastic new course on happiness called Living Your Happiest Life, Inside & Outside the Classroom. It’s been very popular and fits nicely into our Educator Wellness category because when you are happy, you feel well!  

The popularity of this course made me think, “What really makes you happy, Keely?” Of course, the very typical things came to mind: my kids, my boyfriend, free time, extra money, vacations, polar bears and chocolate. But you know what else makes me happy? I mean really happy? Bingo! Nothing makes me happier than yelling BINGO when my number is called!  

So, without further ado, it’s time to get happy. Download our Happiness BINGO, get your colleagues involved, and spread cheer through daubers and prizes! Work through activities on the sheet until you have a vertical, horizontal, diagonal or four corners bingo! This is an excellent activity for a week-long collegial focus on happiness. It can also be used as an independent activity to increase your own happiness. Feel free to modify the game to fit your role, setting or teams. No matter how you decide to use this tool, Learners Edge is sure it will boost your spirits and help you start living your happiest life! 

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