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Christmas Gift

This holiday season, we decided to get you something a little extra.

We are still gifting you with 2 fantastic new graduate level, continuing education courses and 2 brand new Personalized Professional Development courses, AND, as an added bonus, we have 20 new Professional Development Offerings for you to explore. We love “being extra”! 

Brand New Graduate-Level, Continuing Education Courses: 

Course 5068: Going Above and Beyond Academics for English Learners 

Identify six specific ways you can help your ELs grow academically, socially, and emotionally to strengthen the work you are already doing with them. Educators will understand the interaction between students’ mindsets, relationships, and skills and discover how to develop these concepts in students to empower them to achieve learning success. 

Course 5077: Improving Outcomes for Students in Poverty: The Difference Makers 

This strategy-based course will provide ideas to disrupt the adverse effects of poverty for students. Develop action plans to promote a culture of possibility in your classroom, reflect on your own biases, and develop methods for ensuring equity in your practice. A MUST for all education professionals! 

New Text for an Old Favorite: 

Course 693: Understanding and Empowering Adolescents –now with a new text: Attack of the Teenage Brain 

Personalized Continuing Education: 

We already have 3 ways for you to create your own learning adventure: the Book Study (group study), the Tech Study (independent study of a tech tool), and the iCourse (independent study of a text).

We are happy to announce two additional courses to give you even more flexibility in your CE topics: 

Course 985: iLearn - This course provides the opportunity to earn graduate credit for creating a unit of study or presentation using a primary source beyond traditional textbooks. 

Course 986: iExplore - a personalized continuing education opportunity that recognizes that exploration and life experience is educational and impactful to professional practice. The iExplore course is divided into three steps: Pre-Exploration, Exploration and Post-Exploration. 

All of the Personalized Continuing Education courses are subject to an easy, teacher-friendly application and approval process. Please see our website for details and begin planning your CE adventure! 

Professional Development Menu:

Learners Edge is excited to introduce 20 professional development courses each for only $49 and worth 10 hours toward relicensure, and no required written work! Check out this menu covering the hottest topics in education right now (details on our website): 

PD 121: Social and Emotional Learning: The Elements of Success 

PD 122: Personalized Learning-Getting Started 

PD 123: Trauma-Sensitive Teaching 

PD 124: Culturally Relevant Teaching: Awareness to Action 

PD 125: Balance in the Digital World 

PD 126: Educator Self-Care and Resilience to Avoid Teacher Burnout 

PD 127: Instructional Strategies to Power-Up Teaching and Learning

PD 128: Taming the Lion of Anxiety 

PD 129: Understanding the Needs of Students in Poverty 

PD 130: Family Engagement/Parent Communication for Student Success 

PD 131: Reading Focus: Vocabulary and Comprehension  

PD 132: Teaching 21st Century Skills Through the 4 C’s 

PD 133: The Challenges and Changes of Adolescence 

PD 134: Positive and Proactive Strategies for Classroom Management 

PD 135: Substance Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, and Strategies  

PD 136: Making Your Mark with Makerspaces 

PD 137: Ten Amazing Instructional Strategies for English Learners 

PD 138: Championing the Genius of Play

PD 139: Mindful Teachers, Mindful Students 

PD 140: Educational Access for All: Universal Design for Learning 

Intrigued? Over-the-moon excited? Let us know! 

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