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After the cold has (almost) left and the days get longer, the world begins to wake up and stretch a bit. Spring is about to come alive in education with these fantastic new offerings from Learners Edge! 

Culture and Language 

Zaretta Hammond BookCourse 5087Culturally Responsive Teaching: A Reflective Introduction, 4 credits

In this first-of-its-kind partnership with Learners Edge, culturally responsive teaching expert and author Zaretta Hammond has written a course to introduce teachers to the core principles and practices of culturally responsive teaching. The course includes a variety of activities to understand the many facets of this approach and is designed to increase student capacity to do deep learning by leveraging relationships and mindset work. We are thrilled to be partnering with Ms. Hammond, and we know you will love this course.

Featuring author and expert, Zaretta Hammond hammond_headshot_media_2_casual

Instructional Strategies 

5086Course 5086Curriculum Design and Instruction: Education’s Dream Team 

Dig deep into curriculum design and learn how to maximize engagement with standards, learning goals, and performance criteria. Try your hand at designing a unit that is both rigorous and cognitively engaging - that you can use right away!  


5078Course 5078: Solving the Reading Puzzle: Using Assessment to Drive Intervention 

This course will help you choose appropriate reading interventions for students by using assessment data to drive instructional decisions. You will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of assessments, meeting the reading needs of diverse learners, and best practices for intervention in the five areas of reading. 

Teaching Excellence 

5084Course 5084Impactful Instructional Coaching: Reflection, Support, Growth  

Grow your instructional coaching practice by intentionally applying the Reflective Cycle and Reflective Practice. Deepen your conferences, your feedback, and your questioning with this valuable course. 

5083Course 5083: Teacher Leadership: The Next Step in Professional Evolution 

Do you have what it takes to be a fantastic teacher leader? This course will help you find out, as you review assessments on school culture, knowledge, disposition, and climate. This resource-packed text and all that you learn will be in your toolbox for years to come.  

Blended Learning Opportunities

(Online Registration Opens March 21st)

These two unique learning experiences require participants to complete both asynchronous (in our online environment) and synchronous (in an interactive live, online webinar format) activities.  

OS 5092 - Teacher Wellness with Passion and Practice 

Do you remember your passion for teaching and learning? This course, focused on wellness, will teach you practices and strategies to rekindle your love of teaching and find your way back to your true calling as an educator.  

OS 5056The Mindful Approach 

Ready for a new way to learn? Connect with teachers from across the nation to discuss how mindfulness can lead to greater mental, physical, and emotional health for both you and your students! Teachers will participate in yoga, a mindful walk, and a "do nothing" activity designed to teach us the beauty and benefits of mindfulness.  

Questions? Answers? Party invites? Let us know- we are happy to provide any information you need to meet all your professional development needs! 

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