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Looking for something new to celebrate? Learners Edge just added NEW certificates to our catalog! Beyond continuing education and professional development, educators use certificates to enhance a CV or resumé, to advance on the pay scale, to make lane changes, and to register for courses at significant savings. Some even apply certificate courses to a Master’s Degree program.  

Each non-degree certificate is designed to showcase educator expertise in a specific area and is a masterful mix of three-3-credit courses to create 9-credit bundles. Speaking of three, three is the number of NEW certificates we’ve added! Look below to see the list of courses for each new certificate. 


Recovered Learning Certificate 

5136: Beyond Growth Mindsets for Learning without Limits 

5147: Bringing Students from Unfinished Learning to Soaring Achievement  

5203: Social and Emotional Learning Starts with You  



Innovation in Online Teaching and Learning Certificate 

Course 5130: Planning for Engagement and Rigor in the Online Classroom 

Course 5133: Project-Based Learning for the Digital Age 

Teacher’s choice of:  

Course 5134: Teaching with Immersive Technologies 

Course 5205: Creating Adventure and Engagement with Gamification 



Teaching with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Mind Certificate 

Course 5110: Creating a Vision for Equity in Education 

Course 5119: An Educator's Guide to Global Thinking and Cultural Competence 

Course 5128: Creating an Anti-Racist Classroom 

Beyond the 3 new certificates, we offer 11 certificates in these categories: 

  • Essentials for Online Teaching Certificate 
  • Google Tools Certificate
  • Digital Classroom Certificate
  • Social-Emotional Learning Certificate
  • Student Support Certificate
  • Educator Resilience Certificate
  • English Language Learners Certificate
  • Special Populations Certificate
  • Instructional Strategies Certificate
  • Early Childhood Certificate
  • 3 Certificates in Literacy: Primary, Intermediate, Secondary 

Graduate credit for our certificates is awarded from select regionally accredited university partners. All courses within each certificate must be taken with the same university partner. Certificates are noted on university transcripts, and all who complete the required courses receive a Certificate of Completion.  

Click here to learn how to increase your educator expertise with Learners Edge certificates, then celebrate all you’ve learned! Cheers!  

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