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Let Your Summer Soul Shine!

Be Your Best YOU This Summer!

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It is finally here! You made it! Summer, sunshine, and freedom! It’s time to celebrate the end of a successful school year and the beginning of a well-deserved break. You now have the opportunity to stop, breathe and rejuvenate. Doing so decreases the likelihood of burnout and increases your educator resilience so you can continue to make a difference in the lives of your students! 

Lucky for you, summer is my favorite season, so here are my top ten tips for letting your summer soul shine!  

Top 10 Summertime Tips:

10) Wear flip-flops and sandals or just go barefoot! It’s so freeing and there will be fewer socks in the laundry. computer at the beach

9) Sit in the sun! Soak it up. Let it warm you to your core. We wouldn’t be responsible if we didn’t remind you to wear sunscreen of course! 

8) Sip on something wonderful. Iced tea with fresh lemon, a chocolate shake or something with a bit more “flavor.” But slow down and enjoy it! 

7) Take a trip…a day trip, a staycation or even a week-long vacation. Travel has a way of filling us up! If you are so inclined, check out how you can use your trip to gain graduate credit through our iExplore course. 

6) Visit family and friends. Sit down, chat, listen and laugh. There really is nothing better.

World Experience5) Go to the water! There is research to support a trip to the beach, standing in a stream or floating in a pool. While you enjoy the water, read all about it in Blue Mind. 

4) Be mindful. Learn all about it, practice it and plan to teach your students about it when you return to school. Our course 5018: Incorporating Mindfulness on the topic is one of our best sellers! 

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3) Sleep. Snooze in a hammock. Nap in a rocking chair or just take five on the couch. You are entitled to rest and summer is the best time for it! 

2) Visit the farmers market! Fresh flowers, crisp vegetables and colorful fruit…you can’t go wrong. 

1) Eat dessert! Ice cream is a summertime favorite, but I lean toward strawberry shortcake with plenty of whipped cream. 

Refresh, recharge, renew by trying one or all of my favorites or better yet, create a list of your own to let your summer soul shine!  

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