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How to Increase Student Engagement with Sticky Notes [VIDEO]

Sticky notes have so many uses. In this video blog, learn three ways you can easily use a sticky note to increase student engagement and learning in your classroom.

Keely - The Wonderful Sticky Note

Hi, I'm Keely from Learners Edge. And I just wanted to give you some quick tips on how to use sticky notes to help instructionally in the classroom.

The first tip I have for you is just use a basic sticky note as an exit ticket. So, that's a way to assess a student to make sure that they got the main idea out of your instruction.

So, the student is handed the sticky note. They write their name on it. And then they answer a question for you. And then you, as the teacher, are able to just walk over to the door, look at the sticky notes, and know, do I need to reteach?

Or can I move on with the next concept? Exit tickets with sticky notes.

The next is just a mini checklist. This might be with a student who struggles with executive functioning skills or just staying on task. In this example, here, I just have:

  1. Draw a picture in pencil. (so this might be for art)
  2. Check in with Miss Smith.
  3. Paint your picture and then clean up.

And as the student does each one of these things, they're able to check that off as a checklist for them. It's also a visual reminder for them. And then they don't have to come back up to the teacher to ask again what they need to do.

The final way to use sticky notes is to use just some arrows or different colored sticky notes to make text connections and engage readers with the text more.

I have used three different colors of Post-It Notes in the past. One is for text-to-text connections. One is for text-to-self. And then one is for text-to-world.

These are three great ways that you can use sticky notes in your classroom. For more tips and tricks, please subscribe to our blog at


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