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Halloween Candy & Courses: Sweet Pairings to Enhance Your Learning Experience

Cabernet and steak, coffee and donuts, milk and chocolate chip cookies…the right beverage and food pairing enhances the experience by bringing out the best of both flavors. But have you ever thought about complementary pairings for your Learners Edge courses? We’re here for it!

Candy is plentiful at this time of year, and below, we’ve provided suggestions for a selection of newer courses to add flavor to your learning. All launched within the past year, there is a course (and candy) to appeal to everyone’s taste. So, grab a treat, put your feet up, and enjoy!


Featured Courses:

5142: Time Management Strategies for Educators

5143: Creating Safe and Supportive Spaces for LGBT+ Youth

5226: Best Practices in Teaching Expository Writing

5228: Financial Fitness for Educators

5229: Mental Health Advocacy and Allyship for Students of Color

5205: Creating Adventure and Engagement with Gamification

5301: Choose Your Own EdTech Adventure

5398: Learning with Laughter and Levity


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